Scott Morrison
American denim/business executive, designer; Founder of 3x1, Paper Denim & Cloth, and Earnest Sewn

American denim executive, founder of 3x1, Paper Denim & Cloth, and Earnest Sewn


American denim executive, founder of 3x1, Paper Denim & Cloth, and Earnest Sewn


Scott Morrison is an American business/denim/fashion executive. He is the founder of such high-end jeans brands as Paper Denim & Cloth (1999), Earnest Sewn (2004), and 3x1 (2011).

A native of Southern California, Morrison attended the University of Washington, Seattle, on a golf scholarship (1990-1995). While at the university, he realized he wanted to be in the clothing business, specifically, jeans. 

He followed his passion and moved to New York to work for Mudd Jeans, a jeans line for twelve-thirteen-year-old girls (founded by Dick GilbertGeorge FontiniMarty Weisfeld, and Joanne Jacobsen in 1995.) While at Mudd, Morrison played a key role in helping the brand design a denim concept for a slightly older customer base. After around 2 years, he decided to create his own denim line, Paper Denim & Cloth, for which he received business and financial support from Mudd co-founder Dick Gilbert. He launched the business in 1999 with his partner/co-founder Alex Gilbert Gaines. In an interview with Esquire, he mentions the Italian jeans brand Diesel as one of his inspirations. 

In 2004, Morrison founded his second jeans company, Earnest Sewn. After working with his new label for 5 years, he went on to work for a Japanese denim label Evisu. After around a year and a half, he left Evisu to found his third jeans company, 3x1, with a mission "to dive deeper into the design, manufacturing, and production of luxury denim and jeans, and to invite people into that process." 3x1 began as an experiential retail concept at their SoHo, New York, location, where customers could have a custom pair of jeans made for them. Their manufacturing facility was right behind the store, separated by a big glass window, giving a live view of the jeans being made. Later, they added ready-to-wear jeans, which were available at several high-end fashion stores in New York, including Net-A-PorterIntermixBarneys New YorkBergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue. 3x1's physical store in SOHO closed in January 2020 due to Morrison's personal and professional reasons—the online store continues to exist at

In July 2019, Morrison collaborated with Convicts Media, a creative agency in New York, to produce a documentary titled Common Thread. The documentary explores the high-end denim business and interviews people from several well-known jeans labels and makers including DieselCandiani Denim, and Tonello, an Italian garment finishing company.

After 3x1, Morrison moved to Seattle, Washington, and co-founded Radmor golf, a golf and lifestyle clothing brand, in early 2020. Their physical store is located at 607 1st Ave, Seattle, Washington.